Different Types of Away From Home Accommodations

When you are planning to go on a vacation it means you’re going to be away from home, and there are many different things that you need to plan for. One of the most important is going to be your accommodations. While the most common type of lodging to use when away from home is a Hotel, there are many other choices that are available and worth reviewing before making your final decision.


HotelsThe one advantage of using hotels is that they all have a lot in common with some having more amenities than others, but they come at various price ranges. They are usually located close to the events or attractions that you may want to see at your particular destination.

Bed and Breakfast

For those that are intent on spending most of their day out and about, then there accommodation is only going to be really important for them at night. A Bed and Breakfast is ideal for this as it provides comfortable lodgings for the evening and offers a warm breakfast to get travelers started out on their next day. These are only used as a rule for one night stays, although they can be booked for two or three nights in some cases.


For the frugal traveler that is traveling light and is often covering a lot of territory, accommodation is not the big priority. What is important is saving money because they are going to be away from home for a good period of time, and in this case Hostels may be a good choice. They are not as frequently available, and there may not be a lot of choices for the different destinations, but any traveler should be able to find one or two.


A Lodge or Inn, or even a guest house, has a little bit more of a family atmosphere to it, and usually the ambiance of the atmosphere is warm and inviting.